Nitya and Rohit’s Spectacular Four Day Wedding Celebration. – A Sneak-Peek Preview


Nitya and Rohit’s wedding – A Spectacular Four-Day Indian Extravaganza in Massachusetts

Indian weddings are known for their grandeur, rich cultural traditions, and vibrant celebrations that often span several days. In a picturesque setting in Massachusetts, nestled between the lush landscapes and serene beauty, a truly unforgettable four-day Indian wedding took place. The private residence  in Northboro set the stage for the pre-wedding festivities with a “Bride-Making” Celebration. A Henna party at the breathtaking Tower Hill Botanical Gardens and the following day the Ridder Country Club in Plymouth MA hosted a dazzling sangeet night. Finally, the grand culmination with the actual wedding took place at the Indian Hill Country Club in Plymouth. Please accept my invitation to join us to view a few sneak Peek photos into the magical journey of this extraordinary Indian wedding celebration.

Day 1: Private Residence in Northboro, Bride Making Party.

One of the most memorable and heartfelt moments of the four-day Indian wedding extravaganza was the “bride making” party, held at the private residence of the bride’s parents in Northboro, Massachusetts. This special event marked the beginning of the wedding celebrations, symbolizing the transformation of the bride into a radiant bride-to-be.

The atmosphere was filled with anticipation and excitement as close family members and friends gathered to take part in this intimate pre-wedding ritual. The bride, adorned in exquisite traditional attire, was surrounded by loved ones who came together to pamper and beautify her for the upcoming festivities, not to mention the many blessings through the traditional rituals and ceremonies.

Friends and family members took turns applying sweet smelling turmeric paste to the bride’s skin, a ceremonial practice believed to enhance her natural glow and bring good luck.

Delicious traditional delicacies were cooked up in the kitchen by the aunties and served, tantalizing the taste buds and adding to the festive spirit of the occasion. From delectable Indian breakfast to savory snacks, the culinary delights reflected the richness of Indian cuisine. The bride’s mom’s hot sauce was my personal favorite!

The “bride making” party served as a beautiful precursor to the grand wedding celebrations that would follow. It created an intimate and cherished space for the bride, where she was surrounded by the love, support, and blessings of her nearest and dearest. It was a time of bonding, laughter, and sharing that reinforced the importance of family and community in Indian weddings.

This heartfelt gathering at the bride’s parents’ private residence in Northboro, Massachusetts, not only launched the Indian wedding but also set the tone for the days of joy and celebration that were to come. It was a testament to the beauty of tradition, the love that binds families together, and the anticipation of a lifelong journey of love and togetherness.

Day 2: Mehendi Party at Tower Hill Botanical Garden, Boylston

The wedding festivities kicked off at the enchanting Tower Hill Botanical Garden. The sprawling gardens, blooming flowers, and elegant architecture set a romantic ambiance for the occasion. Decorated in vibrant colors and adorned with traditional Indian motifs, the venue came alive as friends and family gathered to celebrate the upcoming nuptials. From the Mehndi ceremony, where intricate henna designs were applied to the bride’s hands, and friends and family coming together to celebrate, the air was filled with anticipation and merriment.

Day 3: Sangeet at the Ridder Country Club, Plymouth MA.

The second day was dedicated to the lively sangeet ceremony, held at the picturesque Ridder Country Club. As the sun began to set, the venue transformed into a mesmerizing wonderland of lights and music. Thank you DJ The sangeet is a celebration of dance and music, kind of like a super fun talent show. Guests were treated to energetic Bollywood dance performances, soulful live music, and a sumptuous feast that delighted the senses. The night was a perfect blend of traditional customs and modern entertainment, leaving everyone on their feet and creating memories that would be cherished forever.

Day 4: The Wedding at Indian Hill Country Club, Plymouth

The highly anticipated day arrived, and the Indian Hill Country Club in Plymouth was the chosen venue for the grand wedding ceremony. Nestled amidst rolling greens and picturesque landscapes, this prestigious location provided a stunning backdrop for the couple’s union. The ceremony was conducted according to traditional Hindu rituals, with the couple taking their vows under a beautifully adorned Mandap (wedding canopy). The atmosphere was filled with love, spirituality, and the blessings of family and friends. The exquisite decor, elegant attire, and heartwarming rituals created an enchanting ambiance that made the wedding truly unforgettable.


The four-day Indian wedding celebration at Tower Hill Botanical Garden, the sangeet at Ridder Country Club, and the grand wedding at Indian Hill Country Club in Massachusetts showcased the rich traditions, vibrant culture, and the sheer joy of coming together to celebrate love and union. From the colorful and lively events to the breathtaking venues, this wedding extravaganza left an indelible mark on the hearts of all who attended. It was a testament to the power of love, family bonds, and the magic that surrounds Indian weddings. Congratulations Nitya and Rohit and to your beautiful families!!

Aneesha Karody TaranaOM Creations,

Indian Pond Country Club Kingston

The Villa at Ridder Country Club East Bridgewater MA

Hampton Inn & Suites Plymouth – Bride Getting Ready


Henna by Poonam

Films With Heart Videographer.

DJ Rishi (Bawa)

Caterer Rasoi Indian Restaurant (OMG delicious!!)


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