Fine Art Project, “Mudras”

Through my strong connection and interest in ritual I was compelled to photograph Tibetan born Lama Konchok Sonam performing hand gestures known as Mudra’s. These beautiful dance-like gestures have an ancient history within the context of Buddhist prayer and iconography.

Photographing Lama Sonam represents a marriage of the symbolic, mystical, and philosophical worlds to the physical one, all meeting in a moment of beauty and heartfelt significance. I used different lighting techniques, as well as elements of motion, and painterly enhancements in the post production to create the images.

These ancient meditative prayers and ritual offerings activate the imaginable realms as a catalyst for inner
transformation. This is a transformation of mind which is at once personal, as well as dedicated to the welfare of others.

Within these simple hand gestures exist a method of awakening divine qualities (such as love and generosity) within the practitioner. This is a unique expression of the values which I believe are at the original core of all the world’s religions. To me, this makes the mudras a potent visual and artistic contemplation.

50% of all the proceeds from sales of signature prints will go to the Drikung Meditation Center in Arlington MA. Please inquire for prices and sizes.

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