Wake Up The Earth Festival

It was a busy family weekend that included some time at the Wake up the Earth Festival in Jamaica Plain. I have a spot of nostalgia for my old neighborhood in Boston where I lived for many years before heading up to the North Shore. This year, the 31st year of the festival, was the first year they had a wonderful mini circus. I loved the small “haimishe” down home feeling to the whole event. There was also an artist dressed as, and posing as a sculpture of “Rosie the Riveter” from the WW2 era posters. She was absolutely still as a stone for hours, except when someone dropped a donation into her can, and she would robotically move and blow a kiss, and make the motions to secure another rivet, then resume her pose.

I have one shot from the Cambridge Mayfair festival in Harvard Square thrown in the slideshow below as well , I love that this musician hauled his piano out into the street.

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